Workplace Counselling.

Allow your team to be their best, work to their potential and incorporate their personal giftings and attributes to better results. This can all be achieved through Workplace Counselling.


Improve workplace culture, increase employee morale

Workplace environment is influenced by the attitude of your employees. Show your employees you care by providing a service to ensure their personal well-being. Experience the shift in employee satisfaction resulting in increased work performance.

Benefits of workplace counselling...

Workplace Counselling provides therapy to employees at all levels.

Benefits for Employees

  • Safe space to resolve issues
  • Break communication barriers
  • Solution focused approaches
  • Help employees to work to their potential through positive psychology
  • Develop coping mechanisms to deal with day-to-day

Benefits for Employers

  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased work performance
  • Show your employees you care
  • Decrease in sick leave due to self care
  • Overcome barriers in mindset
  • Organisational challenges addressed

Did you know...

A 2010 systemic study by John McLeod of the research evidence, showed that workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%.

What our workplace counselling consists of


A complimentary one-off consultation with an Executive Business Coach and Counsellor, to better understand your business vision, goals, barriers, opportunities and culture.


A proposal including a tailored flow of how Wellspiration Counselling will interact with your company best, in order to provide Workplace Counselling to your employees.


A bi-annual report will be provided. This will include the interaction made between your employees and Wellspiration. This will allow you to pin-point reoccuring issues raised.

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