What Is Motivation?

What motivates a person? What drives them to keep going? What keeps a person motivated when faced with roadblocks?  Motivation is the driver or reason that gets people to do what they do. Take a moment and think about, what motivates you? Motivation is different for everyone. Motivation will push someone toward a particular goal.

There are four assumptions in understanding what drives, encourages and PUSH’s someone to take action:


Persons are involved. A person takes action toward things that motivate them. Things often come to a halt when motivation is absent.


Urges make their presence felt in the motivation process. It is the love to do something (motivation) feelings-explained or expressed. Others may describe this as desire, inspiration, passion, determination, and drive.


Servicing shows itself if someone is motivated. It is an action evidencing an interest or love to do something (being motivated).


Hopes are the dreams that motivate, the root of motivation. 

Motivation is a person’s urge to do servicing actions toward or for a kind of hope.

The PERSON is the animation of the love of doing something (motivation).

The URGE is the expression of the love of doing something (motivation).

The SERVICING is the action of the love of doing something (motivation).

The HOPE is the direction of the love of doing something (motivation).

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