The Two Most Common Questions I Am Asked As A Therapist And Coach Are…

The two most common questions I am asked as a Therapist and Coach are:

“Why and when would I need counselling or psychotherapy?”


“What specific technique, style, approach or type of Therapist is right for me?”

Facing life’s challenges are part of the human condition. The desire for support is a natural yearning. Guidance to navigate through issues, an age old tradition.

Guides of times gone by were called Shamans, Sages, Gurus, Priests, Rabbis, Elders or Chiefs. Now, these figures are known as ‘Therapists’.

These individuals are adept at helping people heal through their struggles.

Good therapy can help one move out of depression, through anxiety, overcome trauma, improve self esteem and enrich relationships.

And yet, our need for support doesn’t always come from a place of suffering, but rather from a hunger to develop.

A deep human desire, is to grow.

To blossom into our highest potential.

To self actualize.

And good therapy, can meet this need.

In fact, the term ‘Psychotherapy’ comes from classical Greece and translates to the ‘birthing of the soul’.

I often see individuals that seek to deepen their experience of life.

To understand themselves better.

To realize more of who they are.

And yet, with such a smorgasbord of techniques and Therapists out there, how can anybody know what or who is right for them to choose?

From Life Coaching to Hypnotherapy, Psycho-dynamic to CBT, Strength Based to Solution Focused approaches, the selection can feel overwhelming.

To complicate matters, the practitioners out there seem to be practicing various different styles yet promising similar results.

Some Therapies focus on the mind. Working with changing negative thoughts, unhelpful belief systems and stories we tell ourselves.

While some focus on emotions. Helping to release, process and let go of difficult feelings.

Others, work with spiritual energies, removing blocks and lifting vibration.

Coaching tends to be more future orientated.

While psychotherapy has a focus on examining and healing issues at their root, by looking into the past.

Some focus on the conscious, while other’s dive deeply into the subconscious mind.

Genuine healing may need a combined approach, and every individual is unique, requiring a different focus at each stage of their journey.

Therefore a Therapist that is versatile and flexible, is preferable. One that intuits what their client requires and adapts to meet their needs.

It is essential to understand that technique or therapy name, however, is secondary to the individual offering the therapy.

When it comes to healing, it is the relationship, that connection to the Therapist that is vastly more important than the technique he or she is offering.

What is important is how comfortable you are with the Therapist, how understood you feel by them, and how much trust they inspire, that will most likely determine how well they can help you.

Notice how comfortable you feel with them.

How safe.

How non-judged.

How much confidence they inspire in you.

And then…

Trust the process.



Igor Vasilevitsky

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