Water Therapy

How Water Therapy Works.

Water therapy or aquatic therapy is physical therapy done in a pool or other water environment under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional.

Who uses water therapy?

  • Hot springs were popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans to improve circulation and experience relaxation.
  • Hippocrates believed that spring water treats physical illnesses.
  • German physicians advocate pediatric water therapy and water birthing.
  • Thermal waters were used by Swiss monks to treat sick or disabled people in their community.
  • The medicinal effects of ‘onsen’ or Japanese hot springs were believed to cure skin problems, chronic pains, and other body ailments.

What happens during water therapy?

  1. During a cold plunge tactic, the sudden plunge into icy water activates the sympathetic nervous system, releasing neurotransmitters that make one feel good.
  2. The flotation approach can significantly reduce stress and muscle tension. Blood pressure drops 10 to 20 points in just 20 minutes.
  3. Water therapy floods the system, so to speak, with adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine which are considered as happy hormones.
  4. In aquarium therapy, heart rates can drop within five minutes of watching a tank filled with water.
  5. Water therapy can significantly reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure.

What are your thoughts? Please share your feedback if you have tried water therapy.

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