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Positive emotions are said to neutralise the health risks posed by negative emotions. How can negative emotions be changed to positive emotions?

Knowing what to do with emotions can be challenging. There are many ways to deal with emotions; however, if not handled properly or timely, can lead to an emotional breakdown. When experiencing overwhelming emotions or struggling with negative thoughts, it is important to navigate its origin, recognising the triggers. It can be challenging to share or communicate what internally is going on. Here are some practical steps that may help.

#1 Learn To Recognise Emotions

Bottling up overwhelming emotions or dismissing emotions outside of character is not healthy. It is essential to acknowledge that everyone experiences emotions, whether, happy, sad, angry, cheerful – this does not necessarily mean something is wrong. Different events can trigger different responses. When someone experiences emotions that are outside of their norm and over an extended period, it is essential to take the time to recognise, what has triggered the response. Many find it helpful to get help from a professional counsellor.

#2 Actions That Can Be Taken

After step one, this is, recognising the trigger, reflect and ask, are the thoughts that have triggered the response realistic? Are they truthful? Is there an action that can be taken or needs to be taken, for example, moving away from a situation that triggers negative reactions? Is the thought that has triggered the emotional reaction, realistic? Is there a new thought to replace the negative thought? Are there any distorted thoughts that do not align with thoughts based on truth? 

3# Find An Outlet 

Some triggers arise that are outside the control of a person. It is essential to have a healthy outlet. Exercise can be a great outlet when experiencing feelings of overwhelming anger and frustration. Exercise is a popular choice among those who need an outlet for their stress. Not only is exercise mentally rewarding, but the brain also produces mood-boosting endorphins whenever the body works-out.  

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