5 Practical Tips To Sharpen Your Memory

Some people are walking encyclopedias. They have this incredible ability to remember things to the smallest detail, however, many people, senior or young, can find it difficult to recall things. Forgetfulness can be super inconvenient.  Have you ever been introduced to someone, and within less than 60 seconds, you have no idea of their name?!

Here are a few things you can do to sharpen your memory!

#1 Make an effort to recall

Think first before reverting to a search engine. Make an effort to recall. Still can’t remember, think! Allow yourself a moment to try and remember.

#2 Eat Right 

Eating right contributes to brain health. Nutrition-high foods like oily fish, whole-grains, nuts, leafy greens,  berries, eggs, nuts can help with brain function, memory enhancement, improved moods, clearer thinking & stress reduction. Maintaining a balanced diet is important.

#4 Repeat

Repeating aloud what you need to remember can be a great way to increase memory.  This will not involve repeating internally, but will also allow you to speak and hear audibly, using other parts of the brain. Practicing this and then recalling can improve memory retention.

#5 Memory by association

Memory retention can improve via association. For example, you parked your car on Level 8G, you may associate 8G with “ate (8) greens for dinner”. Association can be a trigger toward memory recollection.


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