Four Different Levels Of Listening

‘Effective, acceptable, and practical health care’ – these are the words to describe online therapy when it comes to treating depression and other mental/emotional disorders, according to the Journal of Psychological Disorders.

Many are naturally good listeners; however, others admittedly struggle to comprehend what the other person is saying, let alone hear precisely the words that are spoken.

The art of listening can be hard work. If someone wishes to reach their highest level, naturally, a plan and goals are put in place to achieve that, with an understanding that they need to put in the work and effort. Just like becoming excellent in speaking, reading, and writing, listening can be difficult.

There are different levels of listening. Which one are you?

1# The Downloading Type

This kind of listening is almost non-listening. Its other names are listening by ear, listening to speak, ignoring, pretend type, internal, zero, and other similar labels.

It is a somewhat selfish kind of listening. It is uninterested. The listener is assuming he already knows what the second person is talking about, so he does not pay attention. The listener, in reality, is talking and listening to himself.

2# The Selective Listener

This kind of listening is partial listening or just listening to hear. Here, the person chooses to hear things that are acceptable for them and sets aside those that are not. The listener merely wants to know some things and takes a few notes.

It is still a level wherein listening is a little selfish and selfless at the same time. There are already some exchanges or conversation talks at this level.

3# The Empathetic Listener

The listener is trying to put himself in the other person’s shoes as he talks. The hearer even tries to absorb the non-verbal messages like gestures, body language, eyes, hands, and other silent inaudible expressions.

The listener also has a much-improved listening level here by asking more verification follow-up questions. In short, there is already love and concern at this level of communication.

#4 The Therapeutic Listener

This is the highest listening level and the one that is hardest to define with just one general statement. Some say that it is the kind wherein after you finish the conversation, you are never the same again. Some say this is the listening level of good counsellors and therapists, thus the name therapeutic.

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