What Triggers Holiday Depression!

For many, holidays mean timeout from “normal” routines. This change can take some adjusting. Holiday depression can kick-in by this change, causing many to confront out-of-ordinary stressors that can trigger.  Those that experience holiday depression may feel guilty for having depression during what is supposed to be a happy, fun, timeout period. It is important …

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Common Misconceptions About Suicide

One million people die from suicide each year or 1 every 20 seconds this year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). …Self-loathing. ……Hopelessness. ………Isolation. These are some of the feelings that can impede a person’s rational thinking and try to find solace and comfort in death. The stigma regarding mental health and suicide is still alive …

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How to Stay in Touch With Family and Friends During a Pandemic

Positive emotions are said to neutralise the health risks posed by negative emotions. How can negative emotions be changed to positive emotions? Knowing what to do with emotions can be challenging. There are many ways to deal with emotions; however, if not handled properly or timely, can lead to an emotional breakdown. When experiencing overwhelming emotions …

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