Four Different Levels Of Listening

‘Effective, acceptable, and practical health care’ – these are the words to describe online therapy when it comes to treating depression and other mental/emotional disorders, according to the Journal of Psychological Disorders. Many are naturally good listeners; however, others admittedly struggle to comprehend what the other person is saying, let alone hear precisely the words that are …

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What Triggers Holiday Depression!

For many, holidays mean timeout from “normal” routines. This change can take some adjusting. Holiday depression can kick-in by this change, causing many to confront out-of-ordinary stressors that can trigger.  Those that experience holiday depression may feel guilty for having depression during what is supposed to be a happy, fun, timeout period. It is important …

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Breaking The Depression Cycle

Depression is a mental disorder that is quite common. Millions of people around the world experience depression. In Australia, 1 in 7 Australians experience symptoms of depression. Depression can affect a person’s emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. A lack of energy or motivation in a person suffering depression can result in the person retracting …

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Common Misconceptions About Suicide

One million people die from suicide each year or 1 every 20 seconds this year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). …Self-loathing. ……Hopelessness. ………Isolation. These are some of the feelings that can impede a person’s rational thinking and try to find solace and comfort in death. The stigma regarding mental health and suicide is still alive …

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Money Management System for Stepfamilies

Three major factors can influence the survival and resilience of relationships within stepfamilies:  1#  Effective patterns of communication 2# Strong emotional bonds with non-resident parents 3# Adhering to specific family belief systems When looking for an effective system to manage finances for stepfamilies, here are some insightful tips to consider. Identify and acknowledge different perspectives about finances. …

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