Online Grief & Loss Therapy

About Wellspiration

Wellspiration is always here, whether you’re going through a rough patch, relationship issues, anxiety, sense of hopelessness or depression. The reality is that more than 25% of the population experience one or more of such debilitating feelings in any given year. Wellspiration is Help at hand.

Wellspiration’s Therapists will assist you work through your specific challenges to live a happier, healthier and more productive life. You and your therapist, through an open, private and non-judgemental interchange, will be able to identify the cause of negative thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. More importantly, you will develop transformative skills that will help you solve the problem, overcome negative thoughts and feelings, achieve personal Wellness and Inspirational outlook (love for living).

The name Wellspiration is derived from “Wellness” and “Inspiration”. To be well is to be free from the burdens that weigh you down and to be inspired to live happily and to your potential.

Our Therapists are licensed, professional and compliant with industry requirements.